Steven Seiden | President & CEO 

Fluid Audio President and CEO Steven Seiden has been a leader in the in-store media industry for over 35 years.  He is well known among his peers for his innovative ideas and ability to bring success to any endeavor. His vast knowledge, industry connections and relentless commitment to customer service give Fluid Audio clients the edge they need to grow a successful business.


Steven began his career working on the technical side of the business. Quickly realizing he had a passion for the industry, he went on to work for Jarvis Sound, where he eventually rose to the role of Vice President.  After being with Jarvis Sound for 5 years, Muzak Corporation offered Steven the newly created position of Muzak National Sales Manager, from there he was promoted to General Manger of Muzak's Southern Connecticut operations. A few years later, Independence Communications purchased Jarvis Sound and wanted Steven to oversee it's Virginia operations. As Steven continued to take on more challenging roles, during his first five years with ICI, he was able to double ICI’s recurring base. Over the next 20 years, he served as Vice President of Southern Operations and then as President and CEO. During this tenure, ICI maintained a continuous positive organic growth trajectory . Under Steven’s watchful eye and daily care of its client base,  ICI added to its organic growth through six meaningful and profitable acquisitions. Under Stevens leadership, ICI became the largest Muzak Independent Affiliate (franchise) in North America.


In 2012 when the ownership of  (ICI) Independence Communications, Inc., decided to sell the business to Muzak-Mood corporation, Steven stayed with Mood as it's Vice President of Affiliate Relations. Steven knew his mission and talents in life was building businesses and providing top level priority customer service. So Steven left Mood and in 2013  founded Fluid Audio Communications, Inc. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, Fluid Audio serves customers in a wide range of industries - from restaurants to retail outlets - and on a national level as well. Steven’s mission is to offer clients dynamic, innovative and unique in-store media solutions along with exceptional customer service. Along with his handpicked team of ICI industry veterans, Steven offers clients support throughout the design and installation process and beyond.


Steven has a deep value and respect for community and family values. He views his role in the industry not just as a job, but as a leader. From 2006 to 2010, Steven served as president of the IMPA - the International Planned Music Association.The IMPA is a trade organization made up of providers of  independently owned business music services and key vendors to the industry. His in depth understanding of the in-store media business gives him the insight to make informed decisions regarding industry trends, technology and services.



Our Staff

All of Fluid audio's employees have years of A/V experience.  They are highly trained and qualified to meet all of the needs of our clients.