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Below are some frequently asked questions.


Audio Visual Sound System

  • Whether you are planning to build, renovate, or relocate, it can be difficult to visualize the audio-visual technology needed for your environment. Since there are many options available depending on your budget, vision, and required technology, the best solution is to schedule time with one of our A/V consultants and discuss your project.

  • We provide complete audio-visual solutions for Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Retail Environments, Churches, QSR’s (Quick Service Restaurants), Hotels, Restaurants, Sports Bars, Stadiums, Shopping Centers, and more. We’re experts in providing our clients with many integrated technologies and combining them into one vision. Some of our audio-visual services include:

    • Structured Cabling (POS, computers)
    • Wi-Fi Wireless Networks
    • Digital Signage
    • CCTV
    • Telephone Systems
    • Audio Sound Systems
    • Audio-Visual Conference System
    • Face Recognition and Entry Door Control Access Systems
    • QSR Drive-Thru Communication Systems
    • QSR Order Confirmation Systems
  • Our work takes us throughout the continental US as well as internationally.

  • An 8-ohm system is best used for residential purposes and not for a commercial environment. With 8-ohm systems, you can have left, right, and center channels which are good when you are in a single room. If you’re listening to music, this provides the ability to hear the audio of the guitar on one channel, the drums on another channel, and vocals on a third channel. All of these channels are acoustically separated but combined at the same time. As mentioned, this is perfect for a residential space because a limited number of speakers are required.

    70-volt systems are typically used for commercial environments, and are beneficial due to their multi-speaker usage, multi-volume control usage, smaller gage wire running great distances, and a single wire running parallel to the speakers. Resistance is not an issue as it would be with an 8-ohm system as compared to a 70-volt system that is more concerned with total wattage. Also, in a multi-room environment like a restaurant, you would not want the left and right channels to be separated because you would hear the guitar in one room and the drums in another. In addition, the audio quality of 70-volt systems can be equal to or even better than an 8-ohm system.


  • With a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) installed within your business premises, you will be able to help ensure your employee’s and customers’ safety and maintain 24/7 security to protect your property while limiting internal theft.

  • IP cameras achieve higher resolution than standard Analog HD CCTV cameras. IP cameras transmit digital signals and are powered through a POE (Power over Ethernet) switch. These IP cameras are connected to an NVR (Network Video Recorder).

  • Analog Cameras have lower resolutions (1080P) but are used frequently due to lower costs. They use coaxial cables that carry video and power. These cameras are connected to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Analog cameras cannot be connected to a network.

  • You can view your security through your Smartphone with both Analog and IP cameras. Depending on the manufacturer of the NVR or DVR, you may be able to also view your cameras from a desktop, laptop, or iPad.

  • This depends on the number of cameras recording as well as the level of FPS (Frames Per Second) they are recording. This will also depend on the size of your DVR/NVR internal HDD (Hard Disk Drive). There are many ways to configure the length of time your DVR/NVR can maintain a backup of video before re-recording it. We can always assist you with this process, just call our sales team.

Digital Signage

  • Digital Signage utilizes content for display on digital billboards such as LED, LCD, and plasma screens. Targeted content is used to advertise, inform, and educate people while shopping. Digital Signage offers greater flexibility and control than standard Static (printed) signage. In addition, Digital Signage today is accepted as a content distribution channel and if used correctly, can make a visual impact to attract your customers.

  • The hosted solution is a cloud-based Digital Signage application. It is a Cloud-Based subscription that allows you to pay a nominal monthly price for each content media player/Digital Signage Screen. Your CMS (Content Management System) is included with this service. All of the editable templates, associated media files, and videos can be downloaded and edited to create your message. These files are stored on servers and are streamed down to get locally cached within your media device that displays the content on your digital screen. A server-based solution means you purchase a media device, manage, and create your own CMS software on a computer and/or a USB drive to display your content on your Digital Signage.

  • We suggest investing in a Commercial Grade Display. These displays have a commercial grade panel, and the internal components are designed to run 24/7 in constant use; unlike domestic screens and other professional monitors that are designed for up to 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our panels have a lifespan of over 70,000 hours of continuous use. Many of our displays have a built-in Media Player and CMS Software.

  • When used in shopfront windows, digital signage has been proven to capture 400% more views than static signage. With eye-catching motion, varying content, and captivating colors, it’s easy to see why. Plus, our specialized solutions are designed to combat sunlight, so you can rest assured that your content will always stand out. If you want to draw passersby into your store, transform your high street presence by investing in one of our high brightness displays.

  • Yes, we offer both types of Digital Signage. We can design your outside Menu Boards for your Drive-Thru as well as your inside digital signage for menu displays behind your order counter for customer viewing. We can also install window displays to attract customers and depending on your environment, we can design and install displays throughout your facility.

Drive-Thru System

  • Quick serve restaurants (QSR’s) report that over 75% of their total business is derived from the drive-thru.

  • In our opinion, the top three (3) Drive-Thru system manufacturers are HME, PAR, and Panasonic. There are other Drive-Thru systems on the market, but these companies have been in the Drive-Thru business for over 40 years and have longevity business experience. Fluid Audio has been a sales and service dealer/distributor for these Drive-Thru Systems for over 40 years.

  • You will have much better service and communications from a dealer rather than directly from a manufacturer. A dealer/distributor builds their clientele on the quick resolution of issues and the value of individual relationships. Manufacturers build their business on the number of systems sold and the value of individual relations is not as important as the number of systems you can buy from them.

  • At Fluid Audio, we are certified in servicing and repairing all generations of HME, PAR, and Panasonic systems. We serve as a Headset Repair Depot for all of these systems as well. We can provide Maintenance Agreements to keep your systems operating 24/7.

  • Many QSR’s have incorporated Order-Confirmation Systems to ensure menu selection accuracy at the order board. They also incorporated Timer Systems that will measure a vehicle’s time from the Order Menu Board to the Pay Window and Pick Up Window. Knowledge of these times assists the owners in how long it takes a vehicle from order point to exit as well as the number of vehicles coming through the Drive-Thru.